Phoenix™ 2700-DHP Dual Heat Laminator - Production Model

The Phoenix™ 2700-DHP Heat Roll Laminator-Production Model is a smart choice for production environments looking for an economical, easy-to-use unit. The compact tabletop design is great for smaller working areas.

Designed to offer maximum flexibility, the unit allows the use of either 1” or 21⁄4" core laminating films in thicknesses of 1.5 mil to 10 mil. The unit can also be gapped incrementally at settings of 1⁄16", 1⁄8", 3⁄16", and 1⁄4" to accomplish mounting on a large variety of substrates. With safety and energy savings concerns in mind, the Phoenix™ 2700-DHP includes the latest innovations. Safety measures include: an advanced safety shield, a safety feed table, and a standby mode. To conserve energy, the machine will drop into a sleep mode (176°) if unit has been idle for 3 hours. If there is no activity on the unit for 4 hours, the heaters turn off.

With a robust heavy-duty 24V motor and 21⁄4" heated rollers, this unit performs well above its price point!



●Large Capacity: Laminates up to 27” wide

●Adjustable Supply Roll Tension: Accommodates a variety of roll sizes and documents

●Film Capacity: Accepts 1.5 to 10 mil

●Roller Adjustments: Roller can gap from 1⁄16" to 1⁄4" for mounting

●Built-In Cooling Fans: For heavier films and increased workload

●Auto Standby Feature: Holds temperature at 176° after 3 hour of non-use; heaters turn off after 4 hours

●Clear Polycarbonate Safety Shield: Prevents risk of injury, will not run with safety shield disengaged

●Chain and Sprocket Drive: Rugged metal components ensure superior durability

●Reverse Feature: Prevents jams and wrap-arounds

●Heavy-Duty 24V DC Motor: Capable of withstanding even the toughest working conditions

●Silicone Heated Laminating Rollers: Nonstick silicone rollers distribute heat evenly and are easy to remove and clean

●Easy Alignment of Top and Bottom Rolls: Ensures consistent results every time

●Feed Tray: Marked with paper guide standard widths on supply shaft

●Warranty: One Year Manufacturer's Warranty